How To Avoid Costly Housing Mistakes During and After Divorce

Divorce is rarely easy and often means a lot of difficult decisions.  One of the most important decisions is what to do about the house.

In the midst of the heavy emotional and financial turmoil, what you need most is some non-emotional, straightforward, specific information and answers.   Once you know how a divorce affects your home, your mortgage and taxes, critical decisions are easier.   Neutral, third party information can help you make logical, rather than emotional, decisions.

Probably the first decision is whether you want to continue living in the house.   Will the familiar surroundings bring you comfort and emotional security, or unpleasant memories?   Do you want to minimize change by staying where you are, or sell your home and move to a new place that offers a new start?  Another consideration is whether your home is considered the matrimonial home (home where both spouses have resided together as their family residence).  In most juristictions, a matrimonial home cannot be sold without the consent of the spouse.  Legal advice is suggested to fully understand this and other details surrounding the separation/divorce.

Only you can answer those questions, but there will almost certainly be some financial repercussions to your decision process.   What can you afford?   Can you manage the old house on your new budget?  Is refinancing possible?   Or is it better to sell and buy?   How much house can you buy on your new budget?

To help you know what questions you should ask and how to arrive at the right answer for your specific situation, we will be pleased to meet with you to discuss all details in confidence, with no obligation on your part.  Please contact us to arrange for a convenient time to meet.

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