What is Standard Commission?
In many parts of Canada, the commissions vary considerably from region to region and it also depends on the type of property that you are selling. Commissions are negotiable with your Realtor, but be absolutely sure what you are getting. It is important that you find out how much commission is being paid to the selling broker as well to the listing broker. If your Realtor makes any special commission arrangements with you, as with all things pertaining to real estate, ensure it is documented in writing to prevent misunderstandings and conflicts in the future.
When Is The Best Time To Buy/Sell?
Typically the slowest months for sales are December, July and August although this is not always the case if mortgage rates change during those months to create an artificial demand. Usually the best months to sell are February, March and April as Purchasers look towards June closings after the school year is finished.
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I want to sell my home, but I don't want a sign on the property. Is this a mistake?
Generally yes, as calls on the sign are usually some of the best leads that you can get since the prospective Purchaser has already seen the neighbourhood, seen the home and still wants additional information. The sales sign is known as the "silent salesman" and is a very effective marketing tool.
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