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Moving Tips and Checklist

Here's help to keep track of all those details.  
Complete a few tasks each day to simplify your move, and ease the adjustment to your new home.

Four Weeks Before Moving

£ Tour  your house including the attic, garage, storage shed, etc. and decide which items should be discarded or  donated to charity.  Consider a gagage sale.
£ Begin to use up frozen foods and staples.  Buy only what will be used before moving.  Inadvisable to move frozen  goods on a moving van over long distances.
£  Check home insurance policies to see if moving is covered.  Be sure your new home is protected by transferring fire, theft, and other personal property insurance.
£  Make travel reservations for the trip - airline, hotel, rental car.
£  Call doctors and dentist.  They may recommend a collegue near your new home.  Get copies of renewable prescriptions.
£  Arrange for transfer of health records, school records, etc.  Refer to Checklist.
£  Create a file for all moving papers and receipts.
£  Find out if any part of your move is tax deductable.
£  If renter, notify landlord and get security deposit refund.
£  Contact 3-4 moving companies and obtain a quote on moving charges.

Three Weeks Before Moving

£  Arrange for transportation of pets including kennels.  Check with veterinarian.
£  Start preparing your plants for the move.  Refer to the plant brochure provided by moving companies.
£  Arrange to have major appliances serviced before you move, and to prepare them for the move.
£  Return library books, video tapes, and other borrowed or rented items.  Collect anything you have loaned, or out for repairs/lay-away, cold storage etc.
£  Movers' cannot take aerosols, flammables, or ammunition.  Use them up or give them away before you move.  Propane tanks must be emptied.
£  Notify post office, mail order accounts, etc. of your pending change of address.  Note: You will need to fill out change-of -address forms for each person receiving mail at your address.  Refer to Checklist.
£  Choose a mover and remember to ask about insurance coverage.

Two Weeks Before Moving

£  Hold garage sale.
£  Start packing if you have decided to do some of it yourself.  Refer to Packing Tips below and information from the movers.
£  Arrange child care for moving day.
£  Arrange to discontinue utilities, delivery services, etc.  Refer to Checklist.
£  Arrange connection of utilities in new home. Refer to Checklist.
£  Draw up floor plan of new  home and indicate furniture placement.  It makes moving in twice as easy.
£  Movers are not normally involved in removal of satellite dishes.  Arrange to have it done.
£  Review and confirm arrangements with moving company.

One Week Before Moving

£ Transfer bank accounts and ask you local credit bureau to transfer your records to your new city.
Arrange to have cash, certified cheque or money order ready to pay driver before goods are unloaded.
Finish packing all suitcases and basic essentials.  Plan to carry valuable items, currency and jewellery with you.
Prepare for car trip.  Set aside maps, games, snacks, flashlight and other items you will take in your car.
£ Gather medicines and important papers for the trip.
£ Take down curtain rods, shelves - items permanently attached.  Dismantle large power tools such as lathes, grinders, etc.
£ Drain water from garden hoses and oil/fuel from power mower, snow blower and other machinery.
£ Defrost and wipe dry fridge and freezer.  don't overlook the defrost water.
£ Confirm that you have important papers, keys, medicines, plane tickets, and appropriate clothing with you for the trip.
£ Get name address and telpehone number of your mover's destination agent.
£ Leave items to be packed by movers in its place.  eg. it is easier and more safe to pack glassware and china right from the cabinets they are kept in.
£ Service your car if planning a long trip.
£ Pack first night items including sheets, towels, toiletries, phone, alarm clock, change of clothing, flashlight.
£ Pack moving survival kit: scissors, utility knife, masking/duct tape, coffee, coffee maker, paper cups, water, soft drinks, snacks, paper plates, plastic utensils, paper towels, bathroom tissue, soap, pen, notepad, local telephone books, garbage bags, shelf liner, pain killers.

Packing Day

£ Have a clear workspace for packers.  Point out (a) fragile valuable items (b) items you will be taking with you (c) anything to be left for new owners.
£ Keep pets and children occupied elsewhere.

Moving Day (Out)

£ Plan to stay until the van has left.  Tour house with moving van operator during inventory.      
£ Sign Bill of Lading.
£ Confirm new address and delivery date. Be sure to check destination contact phone numbers.  Advise operator of your enroute accommodations.
£ Record all utility meter readings.
£ Do final check for overlooked items.  Check every room and storage areas.
£ Make certain windows and doors are locked, utilities disconnected or turned off, keys transferred and lights out.
£ Keep your copies of the bill of lading and inventory until your possessions are delivered, the charges paid and any claims settled.

Moving Day (In)

£ It is a good idea to beat your new  home a day ahead of the van to verify utilities are connected and plan placement of major items in your home.
£ Confirm unpacking requirements.
£ Check items unloaded with invertory.
£ Unpack first night items and mover's survival kit.
£ Check for damaged or missing items.
£ Make arrangements for reinstallation of appliances.
£ Pay movers.
£ Place moving and other important documents in a safe place.
£ Go to post office and collect held mail.
£ Take a deep sigh of relief.  You are home at last - just unpacking to do.

Packing Tips For Your Move

£ Label your boxes as you pack them, including where they should go in your new home.
£ Pack heavy items in small boxes.
£ Wrap breakables in newspaper, bubble wrap, clothes or towels.
£ Leave lamps, china, and artwork and other breakables for professional movers to pack.
£ Don't overstuff boxes, leave some extra room at the top.
£ Never pack jewellery, important papers, or medicine
£ Tape cords under eletrical applicances.


                             Moving Checklist  P




£ House/Car Insurance

£ Post Office

£ Electricity

£ School Records

£ Credit Card Companies

£ Water Services

£ Bank Records 

£ Magazines

£ Cable Rental

£ Legal Contracts

£ Government (Family Allowance)

£ Garbage Collection

£ Club Membership

£ Driver’s Licenses

£ Diaper Service

£ Medical Records

£ Relatives

£ Food Service

£ Optometrist Records

£ Friends

£ Laundry/Dry Cleaning

£ Dental Records

£ Mail Order Accounts

£ Gas/Fuel/Oil

£ Veterinarian Records

£ Church

£ Telephone



£ Lawn/Snow Service



£ Newspaper Delivery



£ House Cleaning Service
















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